CVBNC Services


Accident and Emergency

The clinic is staffed with Registered Nurses who have had considerable experience in dealing with accidents. On the roads around Cann River, there have been several serious accidents in recent years, and the Bush Nursing Centre has been able to respond appropriately.

The role of the Bush Nurse Centre Remote Area Nurse is to stabilize patients at the scene. Once stabilized, the patient can then be transported to a suitable hospital for further treatment.

Cann River has its own ambulance service, but when paramedic intervention is required, such as transporting seriously ill or injured people, the ambulance from Orbost or Mallacoota will usually attend.

The Cann Valley Bush Nurse Centre operates Monday to Friday, 9:00am – 5:00pm. Outside these hours there is an on-call service that provides care for emergency situations.

The on-call service is not available for routine matters or for non-urgent complaints people have had for some time and can be attended to during business hours. People requesting attention for non-urgent problems may not be seen until the clinic next reopens.

Sick children and elderly/frail people will always be seen after hours when there is a chance that their condition may deteriorate.


Home & Community Care

Part of the role of the CVBNC is to support people in their later years to live happy, safe and fruitful lives in their own homes. To this end, we employ a number of support workers to provide assistance to people to do just that.

Whether clients need help to clean their house, help to go shopping or with their activities of daily life, help is available. The local HACC office in Orbost carries out an assessment of their needs, and allocated and funds this service. Without this, there are some people who would have no choice other than to go and live in a nursing home or with relatives, thus losing their independence.

District Nursing

This service encompasses aspects of patient care that cannot be undertaken in the clinic. For instance daily dressings or injections for people who are elderly or otherwise infirm, we are happy to visit them at home to attend to their needs. People who are able bodied and can attend the clinic are encouraged to do so, and we are unable to offer a house call type of service for those who can present as normal.

Another role of the District Nursing function is palliative care. Many palliative patients require extensive therapy at this stage of their life, and we are pleased to provide a caring service which can allow a person to reach the end of their journey with dignity, and in the comfort of their own home with their family around.

Health Promotion

The team at CVBNC believe that education is fundamental to helping people make decisions about their life style and health care.

We conduct informative talks about various body systems, such as the heart, and how our life styles impact on body systems. We try and make these talks entertaining, and offer people who come the chance to check their blood pressure, blood sugar, etc.

Allied Health Services

We try and provide a range of Allied Health Services, which include a doctor, dentistry, podiatry, drug & alcohol counseling, physiotherapy, massage therapy and Maternal & Child Health. However, because of our remote location, it is often difficult to recruit and retain professionals in these disciplines.

Planned Activity Group

This is a way for people who are aged, frail or infirm to integrate with others and to engage socially. The group has its own coordinator, and the aim is to have at least one outing a month, such as lunch out, the movies etc., and one in house activity a month. This also gives us a chance to identify any health problems that people have not told us about.

Palliative Care

This is an important role which we play in the continuum of life. Most people who are diagnosed with a terminal illness prefer to stay at home as long as possible during the latter days/weeks/months. Palliative care supports people to do that, and we provide practical assistance, such as domestic help, administration of medication, help with activities of daily life, and sometimes just being there for a chat.