Planned Activity Group – PAG

The Cann Valley Bush Nursing Centre has a Planned Activity Group affectionately called PAG.  It is a fortnightly event on a Thursday, 10:30am – 1pm, where people get together to:

  • Socialize
  • Connect
  • Make new friends
  • See old friends
  • See and learn new things
  • Have a cuppa and chat
  • Share a meal (there is a small cost involved)

If you are interested in attending please contact the centre on (03) 51 586 210

To see the dates and activities for the group, please click here, and click on the newsletter.



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Bellbird Hotel

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P3100006 P3100005 P3100003



P2110004 P2110003 P2110002 P2110001



Lakes Entrance

PC040013 PC040012 PC040011 PC040009   PC040006 PC040004


Gipsy Point Cruise

Mallcoota cruise 001 Mallcoota cruise 012  Mallcoota cruise 003



Mallacoota 020 Mallacoota 018 Mallacoota 011 Mallacoota 010 Mallacoota 009 Mallacoota 006 Mallacoota 002


Thailand theme day……

Thailand theme day 2 Thailand theme day


Lavender house – Bombala……

P3260001  P3260003


Lunch in Bombala……

P3260004 P3260005 P3260006


Wilderness Cruise……

P1220001 P1220002 P1220003 P1220005 P1220006 P1220007 P1220021 P1220010 P1220014 P1220015 P1220018 P1220019P1220008


A visit to Mallacoota Planned Activity Group……

PA230014  PA230016 PA230017 PA230018 PA230019 PA230020 PA230021 PA230022

PA230023 PA230024


A visit to Bemm River……

P2190003 P2190004 P2190005 P2190006 P2190007 P2190008 P2190009 P2190010 P2190011 P2190012