Membership Fees & Charges


The Cann Valley Bush Nursing Centre is an accredited, not-for-profit, health care provider.

The Centre is funded by the Department of Health, the Department of Health & Ageing, Medicare Local and annual membership contributions to provide a range of programs and services.

The Centre has always worked on a membership basis, where an annual fee is charged enabling members to access various programs and services free of charge.


Annual Membership Charges 2017/2018 Fees
Family Membership $30.00
Single Membership $15.00
Family Concession Membership $20.00
Single Concession Membership $15.00
Non Member Charges 2017/2018 Fees
Non-member centre visit $20.00
Non-member after hours visit $20.00
Other Charges 2017/2018 Fees
Pensioner – after hours $ 5.00
Under 12’s – after hours $10.00
Dressings & Medications Priced at time of consultation
Physio / Podiatrist – Non-member $20.00
Physio / Podiatrist – Member $15.00
Physio / Podiatrist – Pensioner $ 5.00
Member after hours visit $20.00


Please contact our administrative or nursing staff to discuss your entitlements