Allied Health Dates


Dates for 2020

Visiting Doctor – For appointments, call 5158 6210

We have visiting doctors to the centre on a regular basis.
The dates for visits, are advertised in our fortnightly newsletter.

On our home page click on the News and Events menu then Bush Nurse newsletter


Podiatrist – Nerida Manning    For appointments, call 5158 6210

To be advised


Dentist – Dr Peter Favaloro    For appointments, call on 5154 6625

Thursday  4th June

Thursday 2nd July

Thursday 6th August

Thursday  3rd September

Thursday 1st October

Thursday 5th November

Thursday 3rd December


Massage Therapist – Jodie Allan   For appointments, call 0438 096 808

To be advised


Physiotherapist – Madeleine Rosen    For appointments, call 5158 6210

Friday 29th May

Friday 19th June

Friday 10th July

Friday 31st July



Drug and Alcohol counselor – Bryn Jones   For appointments, call 5158 6210

Wednesday each week as needed