Staff & Volunteers


Nurse Centre Manager/Remote Area Nurse

Marija Mrsic – Nurse Centre Manager/Remote Area Nurse, with almost 20 years of nursing experience and 10 years of experience in remote area nursing alone. Marija is passionate about nursing in the bush and all that it takes. Delivering and developing the best access to care and services is what Marija sees as a priority for the Cann Valley Community. Marija and her family live in the lovely valley of Noorinbee and enjoy the natural beauty the area has to offer.

Registered Nurses

Therese Burke – Therese has been employed as a casual Registered Nurse at the Cann Valley Bush Nursing Centre since February 2017. Therese is also the Nurse Center Manager at Swifts Creek Bush Nursing Centre and has extensive nursing experience.

Warren Howden – Remote Area Nurse, with over 40 years of experience in hospital and remote area nursing. We are delighted to have Warren working at the centre. Warren has accepted a short term contract while he is enjoying his semi-retirement and will be happy to stay with Cann Valley Bush Nursing Centre as a casual nurse in future.

Jacinta MacCormick – Remote Area Nurse with broad nursing background that includes, oncology and a variety of remote, single post settings.  Cann Valley Bush Nursing Centre is thrilled to have Jacinta share her expertise and passion she has for the remote communities and the health outcomes in the bush.

Jenny Chatterton – 43 Years as a Registered Nurse in multiple disciplines including; palliative care, surgical, remote area and general nursing. Jenny also works at Bairnsdale District Regional Health and Swifts Creek.


Zoe Meade – Administration

Zoe has been employed at the Cann Valley Bush Nursing Centre since November 2016 as a Casual Administrative assistant then moved into a more permanent role in May 2019, she has worked in administration for many years.

Chrystal Hall – Casual Administration Officer

Chrystal has been employed as a casual Administration Officer in June 2020. Chrystal has many years in an administration background in Employment services and Community services.


Environmental Services

Maria Taylor

Maria is a cleaner at the centre.  Maria is known for her efficient work and is always busy helping out where she can.


Client Home Care

Linda Laffy

Carole Morcomb

Kirstein Davies

Maria Taylor

Rebecca Renaut


Planned Activity Group Co-ordinator

Barbara Matthison

Position Advertised.


Man Cave Co-ordinator

Mike Amos is currently assisting and is from the Bush Fire Recovery Centre


Client Property Maintenance

Adrian Nation

Iain Godsman


Volunteer Drivers

Irene Birt

Deborah Taylor

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